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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The end of an era.....

Peyton Manning  is no longer a Colt. A few years back the thought of uttering the sentence would have been laughable, now its a reality. In a press conference this afternoon a Peyton Manning dressed in business attire 
handled his exit from Indianapolis like a true gentlemen. At times pausing to keep his emotions in check, he said his farewell to the city he called home for 14 seasons as the head quarterback of the Indianapolis colts. Thanking the fans for letting him be there Quarterback for the past 14 seasons. Standing by Mr.Manning's side was team owner Jim Irsay. The decision to cut manning comes to no surprises to many,but for a loyal fan can be almost impossible to believe. Coming from the dismal season that the colts had and having the niumber one draft pick this year. The Clear choice was to to cut manning and use the extra funds to build around there new quaterback most likely Andrew Luck. Having to fill some big shoes luck is coming in to the house of 4 time mvp manning and hoping to be the next Brett Favre,Aron Rodgers or Joe Montana,Steve Young. Or will this be one of the biggest mistake in the NFL's recent past.Though the colts left baltimore in the dead of night and made there new home in indy,this time they stay but in the middle of the day in front of the whole sports world send there Quaterback argubaly one of the best if not the best quaterback to ever play the position in to the wild and only hope that it does not come back to bite them.

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